How to keep the beauty, the simplicity, the holiness, and the mystery of Tibet in mind after returning home?

How to vividly relate your life-changing trip to your family and friends?

Go to have a shopping spree! Or your trip to Tibet can never be called complete.

Tibet is full of shopping treasures that are featured with rich Tibetan culture and local life, including Thangka, Tibetan jewelry, Tibetan carpet, Tibetan knife, Tibetan mask, Tibetan medicine…… There is really something for everyone! makes a shopping list here to tell you what to buy in Tibet and Lhasa.



Thangka is a kind of scroll painting using complicated lines, bright colors and is rich with religious flavors. Most of the Thangka focuses on the motifs of Tibetan Buddhism. It is often made either by painting, embroidery or sometimes sewn with pearls. The pearl Thangka is the most desirable of all. Thangka is valued for its precision, balance and variety.

Tibetan Thangka

Tibetan Jewelry

Tibetan jewelry is usually made from metals such as silver, gold, and copper, and stones like turquoise, agate, wood, and bamboo, as well as from pearls, corals, and bones of dead animals, especially from yak bones. Most visitors like to buy Tibetan ornaments especially jewelry because they are not only exotic and aesthetically pleasing with vivid carvings of animals as well as Sanskrit, but also representing blessing and keeping evils away.

Tibetan Jewelry

Tibetan Carpet and Textile

Tibetan carpet, with bright and harmonious color, is soft, exquisite and durable in addition to its strong ethnic-flavored pictorial pattern. Hand-woven woolen cloth Pulu comes in many colors and is used for making clothes, shoes, and caps. Pulu is durable, warm, as well as beautiful.

Tibetan Carpet

Tibetan Knife

Tibetan knife is essential to Tibetan people's life. For Tibetan people, knives are not only a tool for daily life and a weapon to protect themselves, but also an adornment to add more color to their life. Tibetan knife is favored by tourists because of its unique style and the exquisite carving of the silver sheath. Prices of Tibetan knife can range from a few RMB to several thousand according to the material quality and the level of workmanship.

Tibetan Knife

Tibetan Mask

Tibetan mask (Ba in Tibetan language) is a sort of handicraft deriving from religious art and Tibetan opera. The masks are well-known for their unique style, diversity of shapes, and characteristically simple and primeval beauty. There are 3 types of Tibetan mask - religious mask, Tibetan opera mask, and folk dance mask.

Tibetan Mask

Tibetan Medicine

Lots of visitors like to buy Tibetan medicine for its herbs such as saffron, aweto and snow lotus. Local doctors and their traditional medicines made by secret methods attract much curiosity. The best places to buy Tibetan medicines are the Tibetan Hospital, right opposite the Jokhang Temple Square or the medicine company on the west outskirts of Lhasa.

Tibet Medicine - Aweto

Tibetan Incense

Tibetan Incense is another good tourist souvenir. Tibetan people use them to worship the Buddha, exorcise evils, and conduct religious activities. Stored in wardrobe, the Tibetan incense can not only keep the clothing fragrant but also protect them from insects.

Tibetan Incense 

In Tibet, there are numerous specialties for you to choose from. A single page is too limited to show you all. The only way is bring your pocket full and go to have a shopping spree on your own.

Note: You cannot take these items on a plane or as consigned goods, but you can send them anywhere via the post office. The Post Office in Lhasa at Middle Beijing Road is the best choice. Goods will be sent much more quickly than at any of the smaller post offices.

Other local gifts that are worthy of your consideration include wooden bowls, jewelry, jade, prayer wheels, carpets, tapestries, local boots and beads.





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