Nyingchi Mainling Airport is the third civil airport in Tibet Autonomous Region, whose construction was commenced in October 2003, opening to navigation was done at the end of 2005, the total investment was RMB 0.78 billion Yuan. Nyingchi Mainling Airport is located in the Yarlung Zangbo River Valley, the distance with Bayi Town (capital of Nyingchi) is 50 km, the altitude of it is 2949 m, which is lower compared with Qamdo Bamdo Airport (4334 m) and Lhasa Gonggar Airport (3570 m), and its rank among the domestic civil airports is 12 in the aspect of altitude.

The grade of aircraft movement area in Nyingchi Mainling Airport is 4C, the runway length is 3 km, width is 60 m (including runway shoulder), the maximum takeoff and landing plane type is Boeing 757, and the parking apron can park such two planes simultaneously.

Nyingchi Mainling Airport is located in intermountain valley, the surroundings are lofty mountains and steep hills with altitude of 4000 m and enveloped by mist all the year round, the takeoff and landing of plane can only be done in narrow and curved river valley, and the distance of narrowest part of flight channel and ridges on both sides of gorge is less than 4 km. In addition, low cloud weather is frequent in the airport, the wind direction is varied and wind shear and other chaotic air flow are accompanied, the plane can only take off and land during morning hours, and the accumulated time for airworthiness the whole year is only 100 days. Currently, air route to Chengdu has already been opened in Nyingchi Mainling Airport, and the navigation is done by Air China A319 plane type.

The distance between Nyingchi Mainling Airport and the “Last wonderland for human beings” the Yarlung Tsangpo Great Canyon is 120 km, and the distance between Nyingchi Mainling Airport and Lhasa is over 400 km. The altitude here is relatively low, trees are luxuriantly green, rainfall is abundant, the oxygen content is relatively high, when the tourists come here, they can gradually get adaptive to the plateau climate after some time, then go to areas with higher altitude, to relieve the trouble of oxygen deficit, and meanwhile they can enjoy natural scenery and human landscape unique for plateau along the road, thus Nyingchi Mainling Airport is expected to be the first choice for tourists when entering Tibet Autonomous Region by plane.

Nyingchi Mainling Airport

Traffic information

There are vehicles heading to Bayi Town of Nyingchi in the airport, and there are vehicles heading from Mainling County to Bayi Town passing the airport gate. The price is RMB 15-20 Yuan. The distance between the airport and Bayi Town is about 57 km, and the road is asphalt road all the way.


I. Do not be late for the flight: be sure to transact formalities 30 minutes before takeoff. Thus passengers had better arrive at the airport in advance, as the circumstances may require, especially when there are many passengers during golden week, Spring Festival travel, etc. Some airports can be so strict, passengers cannot transact formalities when time is due, so it is generally recommended that passenger shall arrive at airport 2-2.5 h before takeoff.

II. Do not mistake certificates: valid certificates shall be held. If passengers have lost their resident identification card or certificate of officers, officer card, soldier certificate, reentry permit, passport and other valid certificates due to certain reason, they can take the flight with temporary identification certificate issued by the Public Security Organization at place of domicile (photo must be on the certificate). Special attention shall be paid when travelling, the data on the certificate and that registered during application registration must be the same, meanwhile driving license, employee’s card and some other certificates are invalid.

III. Do not bring luggage randomly: fruit knife had better be placed with luggage for consignment, otherwise they will be confiscated, and the possibility is 90%. In addition, small animals cannot be brought on plane, quarantine certificate is required if consignment is done, which is relatively troublesome. Potted plant, flowers and plants can be brought on plane. The voucher for consignment is generally pasted on the air ticket, after arrival and taking out luggage, there will be workers to inspect whether labels on the consignment voucher and luggage are corresponding. Take care not to mistake others’ luggage or miss your own.

IV. Remember the procedure: the following procedures shall be followed after arrival at the airport: 1 Getting boarding card: prepare air ticket and valid identity documents, select corresponding counter according to flight number and destination, pay attention not to get in the wrong line. 2 Safety check: please present your identity documents, air ticket and boarding card when passing the safety check. 3 Waiting: after entering Separation Hall, wait for flight at the boarding area shown on the boarding card, put away identity documents and air ticket, only leave the boarding card for boarding. 4 Boarding: boarding time is generally 20-30 minutes before takeoff, passengers who cannot arrive at the boarding gate 5 minutes before takeoff (for passengers without luggage consignment)/ 10 minutes before takeoff (for passengers with luggage consignment) cannot board.

V. Alleviate the discomfort for flight: 1 Before and after takeoff and landing, the shaking is serious, passengers shall fasten their safety belt and cannot smoke. 2 With the rising of plane, ears will be uncomfortable due to high altitude pressure, chewing gum or eating something to keep activity of mouth, can relieve the feeling of discomfort. 3 Before boarding, do not eat food with excessive cellulose and food which is prone to fermentation and gas production, to avoid abdominal distension and loss of appetite. 4 Do not eat too much. Do not eat food with plenty of fat or high protein, they are not easy for digestion, and will lead to abdominal distension, diarrhea and airsickness. 5 Do not board while hungry. Because during flying, high altitude air temperature and change of air pressure will make human body consume relatively more heat. 6 Eat food with high caloric content, while void in the stomach is easy to get nausea, so before boarding, highly digestible and nutritious food shall be had.

VI. The altitude stress when entering Tibet Autonomous Region by plane is much more severe than that when entering Tibet Autonomous Region by land, and both ways have their own advantages and disadvantages. When entering Tibet Autonomous Regionby plane, the altitude is suddenly raised from several hundred meters to over 3000 meters, there is no gradually adaptive process from low to high altitude, and the altitude stress is easy to occur. But it cannot be illustrated that entering Tibet Autonomous Region by land is a better way than by plane. When entering Tibet Autonomous Region by land, the altitude will be raised gradually, although it is in favor of adapting to altitude stress, most routes for entering Tibet Autonomous Regionare having bad road conditions. For Xin-Zang Highway and Qingzang-Tibet Highway, several mountains with altitude of over 5000 m shall be passed during the journey, and there is no hospital or emergency medical facility along the road. For Yunnan-Tibet Highway and Sichun-Tibet Highway, the road conditions are extremely bad, collapse and debris flow during rainy seasons are frequent, and danger is easily to occur. If you are not independent tourist, and have no outdoors travelling experience, then you will be recommended to enter Tibet Autonomous Region by plane. If you love budget travelling, but have no outdoors travelling experience, then you will be recommended to enter Tibet Autonomous Region by Qingzang-Tibet Highway, because that is relatively safer.

Flight number  Takeoff and landing time  Departure airport  Arrival airport  Plane type  Stops  Flight schedule
CA4251 06:50-08:40 Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Nyingchi Mainling Airport Airbus 319 0 1234567
CA4252 09:35-11:20 Nyingchi Mainling Airport Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Boeing 319  0 1234567
CA4431 07:20-09:10 Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Nyingchi Mainling Airport Airbus 319 0 1234567
CA4432 10:00-11:40 Nyingchi Mainling Airport Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Boeing 319 0 1234567
TV9805 06:40-08:25 Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Nyingchi Mainling Airport Boeing 319 0 1234567
TV9806 09:15-10:50 Nyingchi Mainling Airport Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Boeing 319 0 1234567
TV9835 06:55-09:10 Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport Nyingchi Mainling Airport Boeing 319 0 1246
TV9836 10:00-12:10 Nyingchi Mainling Airport Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport Boeing 319 0 1246
TV9833 08:00-08:40 Lhasa Gonggar Airport Nyingchi Mainling Airport Airbus 319 0 1246
TV9834 09:20-10:00 Nyingchi Mainling Airport Lhasa Gonggar Airport Airbus 319 0 1246






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